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RT @LingwoodMurray: @ianballam Southern Migrant Hawker still present this morning @ 10:45

03-08-20 ian ballam

Another Willow Warbler allowed me a brief sighting at Lodmoor yesterday....

03-08-20 Graham Jaggard

@PortlandBirdObs Had a GSW calling over Bumpers Lane at 11:40am 🙂

03-08-20 Port and Wey

Platycheirus rosarum at #LytchettFields @Lytchettbirder

03-08-20 ian ballam

No water on #LytchettFields yet this morning, but already 246 Blackwit on FP,also 3 Coomon Sandpiper together on SP…

03-08-20 ian ballam

After a quiet few weeks 2 Ravens circled south to east over Easton then picked up another BOP circling to my south…

03-08-20 Mark

Ferrybridge this morning 2 Redshank, Sanderling,, 14 Ringed Plover, 12 Dunlin

03-08-20 Debby Saunders

Mon 08 03 2020 12 00 Stoborough Heath National Nature Reserve

03-08-20 Peter Orchard

Still an odd lack of some things like Pied Flys but otherwise a fair little arrival at the Bill today incl 30ish ea…

03-08-20 Portland Bird Observatory

Yellow Loosestrife Bee at #LytchettFields @Lytchettbirder

03-08-20 ian ballam

Nice male Black Arches from last night.

03-08-20 wilfred john gifford

Two Peregrines at least one of which was a juv high over Ridge @harbourbirds

03-08-20 Jol Mitchell

Some brilliant local inverts this afternoon!
Tachina grossa. ✅ A fly that's bigger than your average bumblebee. Wha…

03-08-20 Gavin Haig

Osprey over Ridge heading E at 1133 @harbourbirds @harbourospreys

03-08-20 Jol Mitchell

Sand Lizard at Lytchett Heath

03-08-20 ian ballam

Two attractive hoverflies on Wild Parsnip this morning: Xanthogramma pedissiquum and Chrysotoxum bicinctum…

03-08-20 Hamish Murray
Manx Shearwater - 21 off Cogden Beach
Balearic Shearwater - 4 Cogden Beach
Cattle Egret - 1 juv Rodden Hive
Great White Egret - 1 Lodmoor RSPB
Honey Buzzard - 1 west over Easton
Osprey - 1 Morden Bog, 1 Middlebere.
Little Ringed Plover - 1 Portland Bill, 1 Lodmoor RSPB, 1 Priory Marsh
Whimbrel - 6 Stanpit Marsh
Common Sandpiper - 5 Lodmoor RSPB, 3 Rodden Hive, 3 Lytchett Fields RSPB 1 Sturminster Marshall GP.
Green Sandpiper - 1 Lodmoor RSPB
Wood Sandpiper - 1 Lodmoor RSPB
Spotted Redshank - 1 Lytchett Bay, 1 Stanpit Marsh
Arctic Skua - 1 Cogden Beach
Great Skua - 3 Cogden Beach
Yellow-legged Gull - 3 Cogden Beach
Willow Warbler - c30 Portland Bill
Sedge Warbler - c30 Portland Bill
Pied Flycatcher - 1 Ballard Down 
Wheatear - 3 Cogden, 1 Stanpit Marsh

Stonechat Hengistbury Head © David Wareham

Green Sandpiper Lodmoor RSPB © Will Bown
03-08-20 Nick + Jackie Hull

RT @JacTurner_Moss: A further search along Portland's cliffs yielded a couple of nice species including Portland Spurge, Portland Sea-laven…

03-08-20 Portland Bird Observatory

Quality over quantity this morning. Small movement of migrants mid-morning produced 1st Tree Pipit of the Autumn. L…

03-08-20 Brendan Sheils

2 Osprey in view from end of FP12 Lytchett Bay, 1 caught fish near BLack Pipe, Lytchett Bay and the other still hov…

03-08-20 ian ballam

Rose chafer nose-diving into a thistle. Wareham today 💚

03-08-20 Nicki T

Osprey galore this AM with 2-3 birds (possibly more) seen around the harbour at numerous sites with sightings logge…

03-08-20 birdsofpooleharbour
Under a big moon and with a tail breeze to assist it was no surprise that quantities of migrants were on the move and, with plenty of inexperienced youngsters in the mix, also no surprise to find a decent little spread of grounded arrivals at dawn. Sedge Warbler and Willow Warbler topped the tally with a good 30 apiece at the Bill, where singles of Little Ringed Plover, Great Spotted Woodpecker, Grey Wagtail, Garden Warbler, Lesser Whitethroat and Spotted Flycatcher provided some variety; on the downside, the likes of Wheatear and Pied Flycatcher remained oddly under-represented - indeed the latter has still to make its first appearance this season. A trickle of Lesser Black-backed Gulls and hirundines were on the move overhead, where a likely Honey Buzzard was a surprise sight over Easton. The only other reports concerned a handful of Manx Shearwaters and Common Scoter through off the Bill and 2 Redshanks and a Sanderling amongst the few waders at Ferrybridge. 03-08-20 martin cade

This Reed Warbler at Lodmoor yesterday looked like life had been hard lately, didn't look much better after a quick…

03-08-20 Graham Jaggard

un-ringed Osprey currently in dead trees on south side of Morden Bog. Looks to be a female and different to the ind…

03-08-20 birdsofpooleharbour

RT @Feltwright1: @alison_copland @harbourospreys @harbourbirds @ianballam @LytchettP Just seen one over Holton Lee too as we head back towa…

03-08-20 birdsofpooleharbour

Colletes succintus - Heather Colletes at Lytchett Heath @Lytchettbirder

03-08-20 ian ballam

RT @Iffoid: Defo 2 possibly 3 Osprey from Hyde's Heath. Got a bit excited and couldn't say for definite. One had a fish @harbourbirds

03-08-20 birdsofpooleharbour

Pleasantly surprised to hear then see a green sandpiper over Cerne Abbas c 7.15am this morning

03-08-20 Nicola

Osprey just circled over Lytchett Bay then drifted over towards Wareham Channel. Too distant for a photo.…

03-08-20 Alison Copland