Editor's Notes

EDITOR'S NOTES: An occasional series of articles about the Nature of Dorset covering:

  • Announcements of new features, or changes to existing features, on the Nature of Dorset
  • Guidance on understanding and using the Nature of Dorset features
  • General notes on using the Nature of Dorset and social media to further one's interest in the nature of Dorset


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view The Nature of Dorset is changing .... this is why

Sadly, advancing years and increasing demands on my time as a carer mean I cannot continue to keep the Nature of Dorset website up to date with new records to the level of detail I have done in the past. I started the Nature of Dorset way back in 2008 initially as a home for my personal records and photographs but from 2017 I started adding in other records I distilled from Twitter and started to produce distribution maps and time charts for species and species lists for the various nature…

view What are the Editor's notes?

As I sit here in my study working on my hobby, the Nature of Dorset website, it occurs to me that occasionally visitors to the site, and I am blessed to have a fair few of them, may benefit from a bit more information about the site. As a result, starting with the launch of the new look Nature of Dorset on the 1st June 2020, I will write what I will term "Editor's Notes". These may evolve over time but will tend to be about the Nature of Dorset rather than the nature of Dorset which I…